who are we?

Blackstone Commodities Limited is in the business of the purchase and resale of Cocoa beans and Cocoa products. The company seeks to trade with Chocolatiers and specialist food manufacturers, providing them with flexible trading services.

We are able to deliver at most major ports in Europe, Asia and North America. We will consider request to deliver cocoa to ports outside these regions on a case by case basis.

The company is strategically positioned to sell Ghana’s high quality Cocoa. Ghana is reputed to have the best quality cocoa beans amongst the cocoa producing countries. Blackstone Commodities will through an arrangement with the Cocoa Marketing Company of Ghana be delivering to counterparties cocoa beans that have been subject to and passed the highest quality inspection on time and at the designated port.

We are working with our partners to find ways of providing traceability of the beans we supply. It is our aim to deliver our Cocoa products in an efficient and cost effective manner to enable our downstream partners to appropriate value of the business.    

+44 (0) 20 8907 7774   info@blackstonecommodities.com